Top 7 Programming Languages That Will Pay Ultra-High Salaries in Bulgaria in 2021

Developing as an IT professional and pursuing a career in IT requires a constant strive for knowledge and to always stay on top of the latest requirements in the field. Technology is constantly and rapidly changing, so programming languages are switching their ranking according to these changes; but which are the most relevant right now?

Keep reading to see which are the top 7 most prestigious programming languages right now in Bulgaria and why mastering them might mean getting the highest salaries in the IT field in 2021.

1. JavaScript

According to developer analyst RedMonk, in Q1 of 2021, JavaScript is the most popular programming language worldwide. Other surveys, like the 2020 Developer Survey, place it among the most popular and preferred coding languages for eight years in a row. Not only is JavaScript crucial for front-end development (along with HTML and CSS) but it’s often used on the server-side fused with Node.js to create scalable gaming and communications applications. JavaScript is invaluable when it comes to dynamic pop-ups and displays, back-end data loading, and presentations, as well as interactive web pages. It’s generally called one of the friendliest, most flexible coding languages, making it perfect for students or software engineers who are now starting in the field to work with it and master it in time. Its advantages also include interoperability with other programming languages and is suitable for multiple purposes like:

  • Mobile app development;
  • Web games development;
  • The client-side and the server-side of web apps;
  • Desktop apps creation

2. Kotlin

In the year 2021, it’s simply impossible to have a situation where there is a need for an Android application and not have Kotlin at the forefront. Ranked as the most preferred language for the development of such apps, Kotlin currently ranks 4th in the Stack Overflow survey, as the most favored coding language.

Among the advantages of Kotlin is that it is a general-purpose, open-source, statically typed language supporting functional programming features as well as object-oriented features. It’s also one of the easier languages to learn as a starting developer and it’s high in demand with companies in Bulgaria, working for clients who need web development and desktop apps development. Popular frameworks for Kotlin include KTor, Javalin, and Vert.x and it’s currently the most strongly supported JVM language in the Android world, with easy maintenance and a compact codebase. Kotlin is also known as the preferred language by Google in the development of their apps – they increased their Kotlin support and helped to make it a first-class, and one of the most liked languages for writing Android apps. This language is hugely used in the fields of data analytics, data science, and IoT.

3. Python

Python, one of the relatively old programming languages, is also one of the most in-demand for 2021. It’s trendy for machine learning, data science, IoT and generally, remains one of the top programming languages for web development.

Python is a highly readable coding language due to the usage of English keywords and provides a great structure for large programs. It supports GUI applications and empowers developers to create programs using different styles, giving more freedom and creativity. Currently, Python is a preferred language for several popular platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Dropbox, and Google Search. It’s also easy to learn and therefore ideal for beginners. Thanks to its interactive qualities this language allow developers to test the code on the go so it reduces the need for corrections afterward. Python is currently one of the most in-demand languages because of its efficiency for a wide range of libraries and its simple and plain syntax.

4. Scala

This coding language is currently one of the hottest and most trendy in the programming world. Considered one of the tops in Bulgaria due to the high demand for specialists able to code with it, Scala is favored for its concise coding, compatibility with Java, and multipurpose abilities.

As a coding language, Scala combines object-oriented structure and a really fast JVM runtime environment, allowing for concurrent programming and turning complexity into simplicity. Even though it seems complex, it allows developers to customize their own data types and parallel processing. Scala is mostly used for various types of business software development, machine learning, big data and is favored by giants like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

5. Swift

One of the most recent coding languages – Swift – is also one of the top ones in 2021, bringing high demand. Developed in 2014, Swift is now the preferred language for developing applications for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Its creation is the result of the need to resolve difficulties in Objective C (one of the so-called “dreaded” languages), or simply replace it, but quickly becomes one of the best received in the IT world.

Advantages of Swift include improved performance because of the error handling functions the language has, scalability of projects, and clean and simple syntax.

6. Java

In 2021 in Bulgaria, one of the most prevalent and highly demanded coding languages among employers remains Java. Used frequently to create server and mobile applications, Java is as popular among developers as it is among employers.

Regularly utilized for software development in e-commerce and finance, as well as for developing native apps for Android, Java holds its position in the Stack Overflow list of the most commonly used languages. Java is one of the relatively easy coding languages for beginner software engineers, it’s diverse in nature and it can effectively run on any OS.

7. C / C++

Both of those languages seem to keep their position in the field pretty upfront because according to TIOBE, they are ranking rather high even now. Numerous big technology companies prefer hiring developers with knowledge in them. These procedural programming languages stay competitive in 2021, the C language used for OS development and kernel development and the C++ – extensively used for game development, desktop apps, and competitive programming, with a rich library enabling fast development.

To learn more about opportunities for your IT career, internship, or junior positions in top companies in Bulgaria, drop us a line here.

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