Top 9 Software Development Trends to Follow in 2022

Making accurate predictions in the ever-changing software development world could be the difference between success and failure – so that puts pressure on many companies in the sector. Thankfully still, there are observable trends that already show what will empower the IT environment in 2022, giving employers and developers a good idea of what practices to focus on. Following the trends means having a plan – so there are fewer surprises and more good strategies. So let’s take a look at what we can expect during the upcoming year – trend- and development-wise.


Тhe DevOps specialist often called the “one-man-army” colloquially in the sector is the one to streamline the efficiency of the software delivery process. DevOps combines software development with IT operations skills and the rising hunger for such specialists will reach its peak in 2022. DevOps and some of its parallel practices are going to be one of the most needed professions bringing agile and lead approaches to any company’s portfolio.


According to one study, ransomware attacks were expected to cost companies an astounding 6 trillion US dollars by 2021. Conventional methods of protection are not always effective for cybersecurity concerns. So a branch of IT that will certainly be more and more needed in the upcoming years is DevSecOps. Many software engineers will be tasked with the role of guardians against ransomware attacks, breaches in company data and data privacy overall, and all kinds of threats in security. Therefore, the demand for DevSecOps, which is the branch dealing with such protections, will be in high demand, in creating secure environments for software delivery, creating web & mobile applications, and platforms for management of different stages of app development, and…

3. Low-Code Development

Another trend that will continue elevating is low-code development or the enablement for applications building with minimal coding. The coding process is simplified, and enterprises get the advantage and ability to optimize cost and efficiency with ease. Low code development is expected to create growth in revenue for markets capitalizing on it and also reduce the high dependency on skilled and high-paid professionals for code and app building.

4. Service-Based Architectures

The usage of service-based approaches or service-based architectures is expected to rise even more than it already has in recent years. This type of microservices breaks applications into small components, each of which is serving a specific purpose. That way only one component of a platform can be dealt with at exact times, for example when a certain update is needed or there should be a security boost, etc. This type of specialized software engineering saves time and ultimately brings more traction, quick response, and better results.

5. Cloud-Native Platforms 

Cloud-native app development is a whole new trend to rise in the upcoming year. The SaaS delivery is becoming more and more in demand, since jumping among more systems is undesirable for most organizations and it even has consequences in lost time and poor business outcomes. Cloud-native app development increases agility and allows software engineers to focus on the value of the digital products they are developing instead of concentrating mainly on infrastructure management.

6. AI

We could not, of course, overlook AI in this selection. Artificial intelligence is one of the pillars in digital transformation and is currently a trend to be followed and examined even more than before. Enterprises focus on creating a defined AI strategy for their business and adding machine learning to the equation certainly improve UX, UI and personalize the overall strategy of any business, by detecting patterns of behavior or developing apps that meet current market demand.

7. Blockchain Solutions

The niche of blockchain is expanding even further, so this trend becomes one of the top and hottest in 2022. In the next three years, the blockchain market is expected to jump to 19 billion USD according to Statista. Blockchain technology mixes well with IoT, artificial intelligence, security-rich infrastructures, automation, fraud prevention, and even social media, helping with encryptions and privacy.

8. Robotics

In logistics, healthcare, automotive, supply chain, retail industries – you name it – robotics is predicted to become even more dominant. Known as the technology that solves inefficiency and brings businesses to quicker completion of goals, robots and automation continue to advance as a trend and are expected to become even a standard business technology – especially RPA (Robotic process automation).

9. Growing Demand for Outsourcing

Businesses all around the world continue to discover that to meet the current requirements of the market in software development services they need to turn to specialists out of their area. The need for talented IT specialists skilled in a variety of technologies brings difficulty so delegating and outsourcing these IT needs brings the desired outcome. Outsourcing helps organizations gain the most competent specialists while at the same time being cost-efficient, focusing on their core competencies, establishing productive workflow, and adopting innovations fast. And the climate in IT has never been more tolerant to outsourcing with all the freedom remote working has brought in the sector, distributed teams all over the world rising in numbers and creating the perfect environment for a diverse and talented team all over the globe. To learn more about opportunities for specialized IT outsourcing in Bulgaria, drop us a line HERE.

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